About us:
We are a group of volunteers within Grace Church who are passionate about making Jesus known in our community through serving, giving, and working to help others. 
Our goal is to come alongside our community and love our neighbors like Christ did.
We are in partnership with other churches and para-church organizations throughout Longmont and the Carbon Valley. 
How can you help?
REACH OUT – Now more than ever it is so important for us to reach out to our neighbors, our community, our pastors/elders, to see if they need help! As you interact with people and discover needs that are bigger than what you can do, please let us know.


CONNECT – If you or anyone you reach out to has a need, have them email us at loveyourneighbor@gracelongmont.org  If they don’t have email, they can also call us at  (720) 634-6410.  


SERVE – If you are able to help in any capacity – prayer, food, errands, or anything, please contact us at the same email loveyourneighbor@gracelongmont.org, or by phone (720) 634-6410.


DONATE – If you are able to help financially, please donate finances for this ministry to the Grace Care Fund. You can do this by designating on your check or online giving has an option to designate to the Grace Care fund.
Contact us:
(720) 634-6410

Local Resources:


Confidential and Multilingual LIVE Assistance finding all types of resources

Database of Local Resources, covers all of US (website above is just for Colorado)

Phone: 2-1-1


Food Resource: 


ROUND PANTRY @ Westview Presbyterian Church, 1500 Hover Street, Longmont, CO

Drive-Up distribution of groceries, 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of every month, 2:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Need photo ID and address (shelter address accepted)


Food Resource:


Calendar of all the mobile food pantries in Longmont

Includes ROUND Pantry

The calendar is correct, some of the dates in the descriptions are incorrect


Food and Navigation Services (Food, Finance, Housing, etc)


Navigation services intake happens by phone call, 303-772-5529

Drive-thru lunch daily 12-1pm

Drive-thru groceries 1x/week per person,  MWRF 9am-12pm, Tu 1pm-5:30pm

Need photo ID and address (shelter address accepted)


Housing Resource:


Coordinated Entry – Emergency

If you are in crisis and need immediate assistance, call 720-386-9002.

Coordinated Entry – Longmont

Starting Point for Shelter in Longmont

303-579-7364 between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. 

If you do not have access to a phone, you can access one at HOPE for Longmont at 804 S. Lincoln Longmont


Housing Resource:


Overnight shelter: from 5:30pm-8am daily 

Day Shelter: Journey: Sun-Wed 1-5pm and FaithPoint: Thu-Sat 1-5pm

(720) 453-6999: office number open 12-5 daily

We will be posting links to various videos we are working on. We will also have some written stories to share. 

Here are some things we have helped with already:

  • Errands (Post office Pick up, Grocery Runs)
  • Provided help rebuilding a needed cattle fence.
  • Sent cards of encouragement
  • Through the deacons and Grace Care Fund, helped people financially.
  • Through the hospitality board, revamped the food pantry for this season, and brought meals and food to a sick family
  • Provided additional help, support and resources to those who are unable to work during this time
  • Referrals from Mental Health Partners to assist those in need