The Rising exists to help 6th-12th grade students to form a lasting sustainable faith in Jesus Christ through relational discipleship and teaching a clarity of the Gospel. We do this through various events, activities, and services.
While we are not able to meet in person we are setting up things to be able to stay connected. Join us for the rest of March in our SOAP study in Hebrews.
Scripture : what is a verse or two in this chapter the stood out to you today?
Observation : what observation did you make in what God is saying in the chapter?
Application : how can this be applied to your life today? how can it be shared with others?
Prayer : pray that God would help you live out what His word is speaking to us today.
We will call students to read a chapter a day (skipping or catching up on Sundays) starting March 18 and finishing the book on April 1. They can record and share what they hear and learn from the passage. The template is in this email and will be online as well.
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